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本文摘要:Described as “the most sophisticated ring in the world”, the Touch HB Ring is a smart wedding band that lets you feel the rhythm of your partner’s heartbeat in real time.由Touch公司所研发的[HB Ring]情侣对戒,据信是“世界上制作最精美的戒指”,是一款可随时随地感觉另一半跳动的智能戒指。


Described as “the most sophisticated ring in the world”, the Touch HB Ring is a smart wedding band that lets you feel the rhythm of your partner’s heartbeat in real time.由Touch公司所研发的[HB Ring]情侣对戒,据信是“世界上制作最精美的戒指”,是一款可随时随地感觉另一半跳动的智能戒指。Phone calls and apps like Facetime or Skype are great in long-distance relationships, but they can only do so much. The internet may connect the world like never before, but it still can’t offer an alternative to physical affection. Or can it?对于异地恋情侣而言,电话、通讯软件Facetime或Skype显然老大了他们不少整天,但也不能“点到为止”。互联网前所未有地将世界各地联系在一起,但它一直无法替代人们的切身感受。也许这有可能构建?Wearable-tech company Touch has recently unveiled a revolutionary set of rings that rely on advanced technology to make wearers feel closer to each other even when they are hundreds or thousands of miles away.配戴式科技公司Touch近期依赖先进设备技术研发设计了一套别出心裁的戒指,需要使其配戴者即使相距上百或上千米也能感觉到另一半或许近在咫尺。

The “heartbeat sharing” feature of Touch HB Rings allow wearers to send and receive the rhythm of their heartbeats through the rings. All you have to do is download the companion smartphone app, pair it with the ring and add your loved one’s profile in the app. Then, whenever you tap the ring you’ll be able to feel the other person’s heart rhythm on your finger.Touch团队所设计的HB Rings情侣对戒具备“跳动分享”的特点,双方的跳动频率均可通由戒指发送到和接管。用户只需iTunes与智能手机相匹配的应用于,并与戒指初始化,同时在应用于里引入另一半的个人信息。已完成这些步骤之后,用户任何时候触碰戒指都需要在其指尖上感受到自己伴侣的跳动。

HB Rings are crafted from a band of either stainless steel or rose gold and a molded block of sapphire crystal that Touch claims is harder than conventional gold as well as scratch and water resistant. The minimalistic design is definitely appealing, but in this case, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The wearables company says that every heartbeat-sharing ring is made up of over 100 components, including a battery, a circular LED array, a charging connector, a “multidimensional” motherboard, sensors and a physical feedback motor.HB Rings的主要材质为不锈钢或玫瑰金,以及蓝宝石水晶,Touch团队回应上述材质要比传统金要更为牢固,既耐热风吹又透气。这一精美精妙设计无非更有人,但戒指的内部结构才别有洞天。

该公司称之为,每一个“跳动分享”的戒指内部都所含100 多个零部件,其中还包括一块电池、环形LED矩阵,电池连接器,一块多维主板,传感器以及实体对系统器。Judging by the technology and quality materials that go into these tiny 3.8mm thick and 12.1mm wide wonders, it’s no surprise that they command a premium price tag. Touch will be selling both the rose gold and stainless steal heartbeat rings in sets of two, with prices for the former starting at $3,000, and “only” $600 for the latter. The company has started taking pre-orders on August 2 and plans to begin shipping the 18K gold rings in November, and the stainless steel variant in December.“戒指不能貌相”,一个仅有3.8毫米薄、12.1毫米长的小小戒指,技术含量与用材质量却毫不含糊,因此其价格昂贵也不足为奇。

Touch公司将不会一起出售玫瑰金材质与不锈钢材质对戒,前者销售起始价为3,000美元,后者“仅有”为600美元。该公司月底8月2日起拒绝接受预约,并计划于11月上市18K金戒,12月上市升级版不锈钢材质对戒。The Touch HB Ring is not the first gadget to allow people to send their loved ones heartbeats. The Apple Watch features similar functionality through its Digital Touch app, allowing you to send someone a recorded heartbeat, but these rings transmit heartbeats in real time. It remains to be seen just how accurate they really are, but the idea is definitely an intriguing one.Touch HB Ring情侣对戒并不是使人们感觉伴侣跳动此类科技的“先行者”,Apple Watch也有类似于的功能,用户通过数字触碰应用于可发送到跳动记录给对方,但这些戒指的不同之处在于实时性,才可时时刻刻向对方发送到近期的跳动信息。

尽管跳动频率的准确度还有待考量,但这一点子也非常夺人眼球。The heartbeat sharing feature may seem romantic, but what happens when you’re connected with your special someone and they lose internet connectivity or their ring runs out of battery? Their heartbeat is gone and they’re not answering their phone? What’s the first thought that goes through your head in such a scenario? Creepy, right?戒指可向对方共享跳动,这听得一起爱情无比,但如果你与另一半戒指相连顺利后,却经常出现对方相连不上网络或戒指没电了的情况,那时又不会再次发生什么事呢?对方的跳动消失而又不接电话?这种情况下,脑海里仿佛的第一个点子是什么呢?这真让人不寒而栗,不是吗?。